What to see on Machu Picchu Tours

Explore one of the Seven New Wonders of the World on an exciting tour of Machu Picchu that will take you back into time. Get fascinating insights into the Inca Regime way of life with a tour of the magnificent and mysterious ruins. Read this guide to know what to see and do on Machu Picchu tours. You can either choose a guided visit which will take you to the noteworthy spots, or explore the citadel on your own. Take your time to explore this archeological gem as there are myriad places to see, all featuring distinctive characteristics which will help you understand a little better how the Incas lived and died.


If you are up to it, climb the strenuous hike up to the Sun Gate overlooking Machu Picchu from where you will get the most spectacular views of the ruins as well as of the surrounding mountains and valley covered with lush forests. You will arrive on the site through the Sun Gate if you are coming from the Inca Trail, and if you catch an early bus in Aguas Calientes, you may in time to admire the sun rise lighting up the entire area.

There are several ceremonial sites and temples throughout the site. Near the summit of the main city stands the gorgeous Temple of the Sun, characterized by spectacular stonework, which was used to celebrate Inti (The Sun), one of the most important Inca deities. On Huayna Picchu, lies the beautiful Temple of the Moon, covering the entire slopes of the mountain. The temple comprises a set of architecturally enhanced caves, most likely used to hold mummies of important Inca ancestors and provide places for their worship. It also features intricate stonework on the walls which are decorated with niches and altars carved into the native rock.

Don’t miss the Intihuatana Stone, whose exact purpose is still unknown, and the only one that has been well-preserved. All others were found by the Spaniards in other Inca cities and destroyed. Some people believe the stone has special powers that fill you with energy when you touch it. Why not lay a hand on it and see? Maybe it will give the energy to hike up Wayna Picchu to get the most breathtaking views of Machu Picchu from above.

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