Discover Creative Activities in Paris

Charles de Gaulle airport to ParisWhether you have booked a short stay or a longer visit to Paris, the brief shuttle ride from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris allows you to hit the ground running. However, rather than doing the standard rounds with all the other tourists, why not try some more unique activities that are a little off the beaten track – that way, your Parisian holiday will become one of your most memorable.

Educate your sense of smell

Begin your holiday with a chauffeured drive from Charles de Gualle airport to Paris via one of the convenient shuttle services and you will have arrived in the epicentre of the creation of many of life’s little luxuries. Luckily, the city also offers the opportunity to participate in this creative process as well. One totally unique experience available can be found at Le Studio du Parfum, where you can create your own personal scent. Workshops are usually about an hour and a half and include education and experimentation. Afterwards you have the knowledge and skill to create your own self-inspired perfume. The tour includes the history of perfume from the 19th century to the present day and the chance to see how perfumes are made. Visitors discover the fascinating methods of combining chemistry and artistry that result in the creation masterpiece scents.

Educate your sense of taste

Your education in the art of producing decadent luxuries need not stop there. If your holiday can be extended you should consider enrolling at the Professional School of Chocolate Arts. There, during a week-long course led by French master chocolatiers, you will have a truly hands-on experience. After the shuttle from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris drops you off, the school will whisk you off to the famous Valrhona’s Ecole du Grand Chocolat in the south of France. Participants will learn about the development, production and presentation of fine French chocolates.

Educate your eyes

Your creativity can take advantage of many different outlets while in the French capital. Opt for a change in pace and style by exploring the city’s street art with a guided walking tour. You will not have to be concerned with getting lost and can therefore concentrate on enjoying this very different genre of artistic expression. Street Art walking tours offer you the chance to visit galleries run by the artists themselves, and you will even have the opportunity to meet with them and then create your own piece stencilled street artwork.

The city itself is, of course, stunning and is easily accessible via convenient shuttles from Charles de Gualle airport to Paris. However, there is a much more interactive way of appreciating all it has to offer beyond the standard tourist destinations. Your Parisian holiday can provide a creative outlet that you may not have ever imagined.

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