Italy Vacation Packages to Northern Italy

Sometimes it is a good option to stay away from packed out cities of romantic Italy in order to experience a perfect Italy vacation. Every inch of the country is rich with culture and tradition. So to beat the summer heat and pack up for an unforgettable adventure, head to the northern part of the country where warmth is tangible in every smile of the locals.


Verona and Milan are the two of the most visited north cities in the country thus, airfare rates never go down. But there is always Bologna where you can start off your Italy vacation package. Bologna is one of the most urbanized cities

Include in your Italy vacation packages visits to the marvelous nature sites of northern Italy.First stop, you can opt to visit romantic Verona. Verona itself is a focal point for you to start wandering around its countryside which just like any other cities in Italy offers a rich historical aura. This city is known to be a romantic spot as this have been mentioned to be the place where Romeo and Juliet found love by the famous writer – William Shakespeare.

Next stop; take an adventure trip for your Italy vacation package to the Dolomites, the known mighty mountains of the region. A nature trip composed of breathtaking views and location for relaxing. You can list down Brunico, Bolzano and Vipiteno to be included in your Italy vacation package.

Lake Garda is a good spot to visit to. A perfect midpoint for any tour around the Northern part of Italy. You can marvel around the beautiful towns and villages, and then take pleasure in viewing the mountains and coast all in one place.

As your final stop in your Italy vacation package, pay a visit to Trento. Being a major scientific, financial and education center in northern Italy, Trento offers an array of great Italian experience. A number of Renaissance buildings will capture your eyes and will definitely make your tour all worth it.

There is more to Italy than just the famous cities, consider taking an Italy vacation package to northern Italy and get an authentic Italian vacation experience.

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