Italy Vacation Packages to Northern Italy

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Sometimes it is a good option to stay away from packed out cities of romantic Italy in order to experience a perfect Italy vacation. Every inch of the country is rich with culture and tradition. So to beat the summer … Continue reading Continue reading

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alcatraz tours – San Francisco And The Silver Screen

New York has been immortalised in classic movies and TV shows such as King Kong, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Taxi Driver, Sex and the City and Spin City. That’s the power of the silver screen – and the small screen – as it can help create a magic and mysticism about a certain place. Someone may never have visited New York, but they’ll sure recognise the skyline, streets and many of the famous landmarks from the myriad of movies they’ve grown up watching.

Over on the west coast too, San Francisco has been used as the setting for many films and TV shows over the years.

If Robert De Niro has a penchant for making movies in New York, then Clint Eastwood certainly has a leaning towards San Francisco, with countless Clint classics being filmed in what is California’s most tourist-friendly city.

alcatraz tours – For anyone who is visiting San Francisco, a particular spot you just can’t pass up is the infamous Alcatraz prison. Spending some time to take one of the numerous Alcatraz tours might be the most memorable part of your vacation.

Dirty Harry is one of the all-time classic cop movies and in many ways set the standard for the whole urban city police genre. With many of the scenes filmed out and about on the streets of San Francisco, the most striking feature is the steep streets. As Harry’s car pounds across the avenues between crime scenes, any prospective tourist may be put-off by the near-vertical roads. But relax, San Francisco’s tram system is there to help those with an aversion to hills, and are a great way to traverse the city.

Another timeless classic is Escape from Alcatraz, based on the true story of Frank Morris, who is one of the few people to escape from the so-called ‘inescapable’ Alcatraz prison on an island in San Francisco Bay. Whether he actually made it to shore or not, nobody will ever know but the story lives on in what is one of Eastwood’s defining movies.

The prison was in operation between 1934 and 1963, and now it is one of the city’s main tourist attractions, drawing in more than a million tourists each year.

The city has been the setting for many other films and TVs shows over the years. The Streets of San Francisco was a classic TV police drama in the 1970s and Hitchcock’s classic Vertigo was also set in San Francisco, with a classic police chase across the rooftops the basis upon which the subsequent story is based.

The jewel in California’s crown has been immortalised in many movies and TV shows over the years and the city’s iconic status ensures San Francisco hotels are always in great demand. You won’t be disappointed!

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The Best Way to get Discounts on Disney World Packages

Everyone knows that Walt Disney World prices are pretty steep but that doesn’t stop the children or the adults either for that matter from wanting to go there. So what do you do when your children are clamoring to go to Disney world but you know you don’t have the money? You search for discounts of course. Below are some tips on how to find discounts on Disney world packages. Follow them and you will be on your vacation in no time at all.

disney vacation packages – Planning vacations? Check News and Information about disney vacation packages.

If at all possible it is best to visit during the off-season. Disney world packages are cheaper than because it is during their slowest season. The best times to visit are between Thanksgiving and Christmas when rates are really down. During these times you may even be able to get bonuses on free dining plans or hotel discounts at places like Lake Buena Vista Hotels.

Many people think that using a travel agent would be an expensive undertaking but it isn’t. If you are looking for discounts on your Disney world package then contacting an authorized Disney vacation planner is the thing to do. They have extensive knowledge on any discounts or package options and are more than happy to give you tips on how to save money on your vacation.

Another sure-fire way to find discounts is to check with any associations you are a part of. Places such as Disney Visa and many other associations get discounts from Disney periodically. Discounts are also offered to retired and active military, and health and safety employees such as firefighters and police men. It is best to check with the association you are a part of about the Disney world packages before you contact Disney because the discounts are sometimes only offered through them.

On another note if you would like to stay close to Disney but not to close you may want to look into getting a reservation at Lake Buena Vista Hotels. They are close to Disney world but not so close as a nuisance.

It is always a good idea to book your hotel well in advance and many of the Lake Buena Vista Hotels have been around for 5 to 10 years only and would love to accommodate you. They have all the finest amenities including restaurants and great customer service.

The only drawback to the Lake Buena Vista hotels is the traffic. It is known of being a little thick at certain times of the day. However, putting aside the high rates and traffic the amenities make these small things hardly worth mentioning.

These are just a few tips to help you in getting great discounts when you decide to take that much-anticipated vacation to Disney world. Now you just need to choose which option is right for you, load up the kids and be on your way!

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